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『Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too...』
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File: 1607173039161.png (612.3 KB, 1374x773, unknown.png)

74b95350 No.2492[Reply]

International Board is up. (Again)
We welcome every anon.
Across the great wall, we could reach anywhere in the world.

Just in case: The rules of this board are:
1.Anything goes.
2.Graphic porn is forbidden on this board If you want to post them, post links instead, or post in one of the NSFW boards.
3.CP would not be tolerated and will be insta deleted and banned, plus you'll be reported to Canadian Police upon discovery.

d5e2e61d No.2494

There's an International NSFW board with embed and WEBM support, it's not hard to find.

If you post NSFW content in this board you'll be BANNED.

File: 1662155066079.png (4.95 KB, 800x533, Flag_of_the_People's_Repub….png)

5f7e9f84 No.3418[Reply]

Good Morning


f1b3ade7 No.3422

>indian imageboard
based but I think you should add special board for speaking native indian languages only


60b4b889 No.3439

File: 1668990200195.jpg (580.61 KB, 1105x1220, ks vdksbksfbkfbsfbsdbsf.jpg)

File: 1663725167750.png (77.17 KB, 268x169, dsdasasdasd.png)

f3174af8 No.3425[Reply]

boatchan is a safe haven for all the cool peeps

f79da936 No.3426

File: 1663974805251.png (352.75 KB, 664x414, mellow-chan-promo.png)


afa0d9c1 No.3427

File: 1665546299759.jpg (186.77 KB, 1202x532, libreland-rat-glass-promo.jpg)


d5269a51 No.3428

File: 1665546861302.png (64.58 KB, 374x485, catchan-logo.png)


These sites go up and down fast, I know.


9b6d5552 No.3429

cute kot


1859beec No.3436

File: 1668337427268.jpg (167.68 KB, 1083x434, I hate JEWWWSSS REEEEEE.jpg)



de6b5638 No.3437

why is there so many pedo bullshit?
it's dead

File: 1666216314572.jpg (191.88 KB, 576x1024, Kerfus.jpg)

575303cc No.3430[Reply]

I truly understood China's soft power when Polish teens started making lewd fanarts of Chinese robocat on twitter

7e7b7d75 No.3431

File: 1666321495982.png (431.19 KB, 629x396, B77625AB-5D0A-471E-86CD-A6….png)

Yep, it’s interesting how China has expanded so much without the West making a huge deal about it.

But I gotta ask Polish-fren, why are you sticking around this board? It seems like me and you are the only ones that try to post stuff. Like, not to disvalue others, but this board doesn’t seem to get too much activity.


575303cc No.3432

File: 1666375362559.png (440.75 KB, 373x504, 1579815349046.png)

>without the West making a huge deal about it
What do you mean?
>why are you sticking round this board
Well, I wanted to learn something about Chinese people and their perspective on various Chinese topics - what are they saying when they have a niche free-speech platform like this imageboard, where only real Chinese anons can gather, not some wolf-warriors or wumaos. Too bad Chinese anons aren't always talkative and, what's worse, language barrier can't stop bothering us


0b154276 No.3433

File: 1666410546184.gif (1.13 MB, 160x160, 1665148769147.gif)

why not come to kukuku, an active free-speech Chinese imageboard now


94185483 No.3434

File: 1666465343589.gif (3.54 MB, 400x400, deszcz.gif)

Maybe I'll give them a try


452748eb No.3440

File: 1670189461249.jpg (58.78 KB, 866x408, pudu.jpg)

It's actually called a BellaBot. Kerfuś is named after the store, Carrefour.

File: 1654357151452.jpg (119.17 KB, 940x529, tiananmen.jpg)

466cb4b2 No.3357[Reply]

Another anniversary. Do you have any thoughts about it to say, Chinese anons?
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

21d656ba No.3366

The original was made by 3 anticommunist oppositionists in 1989 and was destroyed by commie agents shortly after. Current version is a replica made in 1999


4a894ec3 No.3367

nobody was shot at the square that night even glowniggers admit it wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/89beijing18828_a.html


21d656ba No.3370




dbee75e8 No.3389

File: 1657383865904.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, surprised_pikachu.png)

>beat up, hang, and light military personnel on fire
>act surprised when you are declared an enemy of the state


9545e03e No.3414

>>beat up, hang, and light military personnel on fire


3c7f7972 No.3423


we dont post gore pic here, tard.


9545e03e No.3424

great excuse

File: 1662155256668.gif (446.1 KB, 266x200, 200.gif)

7bfdd315 No.3419[Reply]

cut or uncut?

536cf57b No.3420

Uncut blaady lund


54a2cf09 No.3421

cut or uncut what?

File: 1662154884036.jpg (266.98 KB, 635x954, 16613183885310.jpg)

54fcb0ac No.3417[Reply]


File: 1608925079079.jpg (543.13 KB, 1378x1936, 160888184358.jpg)

90e2963d No.2495[Reply]

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372d8fb1 No.2527


-> /int22/

Thank you.


b7118ed5 No.2528

and why cant two boards have webms? They dont have to be nsfw


372d8fb1 No.2529

It's for easier management.
In fact, the Yui board and the int22 board are the only places you can upload webms on this site.

So that if something very wrong is being uploaded, it can be easily taken care of without affecting the rest of the site. (worst case scenario we'll just nuke those folders from the server)

As we have said yesterday, there's a group of people on the Chinese side of things that are hellbent on getting this site shut down or at least made it be blocked by GFW, and they have succeeded not once, but twice (last time they chose the Canadian Family Day when the prior admin is too busy with festival issues and submitted a DMCA form to the host company of the server pointing to a magnet link of an adult video, successfully destroyed the site.) - we're not gonna let happen the third time, no matter what.

While we cannot fathom why they decided to do that (most of them are the haters of the original ACChannel management but this site has since cut the relationship with them years ago.) and honestly don't care what they're doing, we still need to care about the current users as the responsibility of admins.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, just post webm to Yui or int22, they are both NSFW boards.

Or, I can enable them on this board, but accept the risk that if something very wrong happens, this entire board may be nuked without notice (we promise they'll be backed-up if the worst happens).


e72c0888 No.2542

File: 1610074303261.png (16.85 KB, 610x391, Screenshot_2021-01-08 test.png)

ok, I understand
Btw can you do something with these gaps? They're definitely too wide


372d8fb1 No.2545

Alright, I'll look into that.


2dfe0ab8 No.2569

And how is it going?


d2b8c29d No.3416

it's still not fixed

File: 1632864022829.jpg (63.51 KB, 512x341, 243322.jpg)

a029f3a1 No.3086[Reply]

>official and underground Catholicism is growing fast in China
Is it true, Chinese anons?

4cc7cf1b No.3087

We are all atheist.


f3d2680b No.3088

File: 1632888100842.png (4.93 MB, 3000x2002, 1620813240885.png)



595660d2 No.3089

official means they have to put socialism slogan around
not a religious believer but I have to say this is sad


e573abbe No.3415

As far as I know Chinese folk religions still exist in mainland China, they're even somehow flourishing since Deng's times

File: 1662012789843.png (33.44 KB, 149x173, 1557951747283804031.png)

8b4d57de No.3411[Reply]

998 is back, boys

9de421aa No.3412



8b4d57de No.3413

File: 1662017916774.jpg (6.3 KB, 235x233, 5dc40dba1df754cd48bbff9dc8….jpg)

File: 1661545316747.jpg (100.7 KB, 1024x1020, 000000000000000.jpg)

1b41ae66 No.3408[Reply]

check out http://naggers.likesyou.org or http://naggerz.likesyou.org to find out about the black crime wave and information about blacks that is censored by jews.

ec6fb6b5 No.3410

File: 1662012404196.jpg (57.24 KB, 500x500, american problem.jpg)

File: 1659406193893.png (135.96 KB, 604x1331, ban-pepe.png)

554e6fa1 No.3397[Reply]

He was fun, but now his time is up. Ban him. Sign my petition and let's move on to new things.

c900d1a6 No.3402

File: 1660663411621.png (554.38 KB, 764x914, 09.png)


161de5a9 No.3404

File: 1661042017070.png (72.36 KB, 880x1220, 434543434343367.png)



c900d1a6 No.3406


9d3a82dd No.3407

File: 1661306449228.jpeg (145.65 KB, 1280x720, 25945AA8-1DD2-4559-BBAD-1….jpeg)


File: 1656766050352.png (428.32 KB, 551x800, 16560767894700.png)

2883e7e7 No.3382[Reply]

Hello my Chinese friends.
I am 超人类主义 and looking for anything related to 超人类主义
in China. Do you have any communities or movements exist? Literally anything? I tried to Google, but not luck.

15bcc6f9 No.3383

wtf is 超人类主义?


2883e7e7 No.3384

if you are Chinese, you should now what is it


c21bd99e No.3386

For anything related to transhumanism? I guess only people working on Pekin's or Shanghai's universities are interested in it. Also maybe some tech companies from Shenzen are working on solutions similar to transhumanist concepts


1f871a54 No.3395

I'm going to take a guess here and guess that that is Chinese for homosexual.


57d80d7a No.3405

you see what you want to see

File: 1647993061287.jpeg (9.45 KB, 474x197, cloudflare.jpeg)

d7f7799f No.3329[Reply]

I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.

b116671d No.3330

File: 1648039314582.jpeg (67.29 KB, 1024x544, 7AC619B1-50EF-429C-B16E-4….jpeg)

Buzz off, glowie


fc89bace No.3345

no fuck cloudflare


d3556107 No.3396

File: 1659405834605.jpg (45.87 KB, 644x363, cloudflare.jpg)

They are the Spamhaus of the modern internet, no doubt. (Spamhaus wrecked email in the past because of ultra-filtering that made it mostly unusable for those that don't know).

File: 1635225635935.png (51.49 KB, 660x574, 1610093471259.png)

96c2303a No.3160[Reply]

>that one guy who is posting random pics in threads without any explanation
what is he aiming for?
7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fb98cc0c No.3183

File: 1636243601963.gif (534.82 KB, 640x636, 0a159c9dd96360bcbbf80ea970….gif)


5aaa9c32 No.3189

Hey polish guy, what’s happening between Poland and Belarus? Something about refugees wanting to get in for free.


05630d74 No.3193

Lukashenko is trying the same trick that Erdogan uses - blackmailing Europe with a flood of immigrants ("you will lift the sanctions on our regime and we will stop the flood")


832d8e0d No.3314

File: 1646173339615.jpg (127.81 KB, 684x495, north-korean-blues.jpg)

Disable text. Only allow communication via images.


78f01082 No.3356

You're all kind anons.


fd8ad78e No.3391

File: 1657513752833.png (769.11 KB, 600x1000, 1657513455402.png)


eec8041e No.3393

File: 1658080675768.png (343.39 KB, 663x446, yujjh.png)

File: 1654594914044.png (77.89 KB, 282x300, VNfYgsb6Pqn4xlEBpYl11534fI….png)

ddd531bb No.3359[Reply]

So, how is your gaokao going?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

07e680ec No.3362

im a student who is preparing for the coming biology exam,which is the last one of this year's gaokao.im in nanjing.i think maths exam is especially TERRIBLE,but others don't matter so much.
not correct.exactly there're some differents among the provinces,and exactly the level of a part of questions(not all) is depend on that if a province is rich in a way.but the poor area may get some easier questions,and poor guys could get more chance to go to a better colleges.poor guys usually get more help in china,because the main purpose of the government is not to raise money,but to help more people for a better life.
……but maybe i could not get help because nanjing is not so poor and i didn't hardwork enough at school.
thats all.im gonna prepare for the coming exam.after that i'll eat something good to celebrate for the coming loser life.


07e680ec No.3363

why im i care so much about this…it's strange because ive told myself not to see the english words after the english exam…


10294677 No.3364

Maybe you’re actually good at English and want to study it, but you tell yourself you don’t like it? You could have a knack towards it, just have to free it.


10d87093 No.3371

Knowing english, even in the simplest form, is very useful since it's lingua franca of the world and majority of science papers and international documents are wrote in it


10d87093 No.3372

are written*


10d87093 No.3376

Not gonna lie - it's very hard for me to comprehend that Chinese culture is so rooted in all of this exam culture, which is with them since the most ancient times. For us exams are more like formality or just one of many steps in your life, meanwhile Chinese look very much obsessed with them


aaca4ade No.3392

It's about choices and possibilities.

Education surely allows more choices in future. I'd say the majority is studying for the degree rather than the knowledge. Better degree is more likely to get you better job.

In my country, the inequality between social classes and different region is so drastic, and considering how far we have come over decades, many people have this hope of finding a better position in society. In the ancient time and now, exam seems like the most equal way of competition for fame and power.

If we could live a easy life that doesn't require a high degree, like being a mechanic or running a small shop, maybe people would be less obsessed with exams.

The core is how economy and political system shaped our mindset. We have seen huge changes in the past decades, and I think there are more to come.

File: 1650868301717.jpg (315.77 KB, 747x899, 0dce25afa8ea1795c5cd7c5fe2….jpg)

878bba93 No.3352[Reply]

Chinabros, help me download this jap tv series.
I've been trying to find it all over the western internet for years, but there are no torrents or working links anywhere. Finally found what seems to be a good source here https://www.zhanxixi.com/thread-234810-1-1.html but even with translate on I can't figure out how to access the torrent files. The only other link is for Baidu cloud, and that seems very promising but it requires some kind of Baidu Netdisk program installed and an account?
Can you help me out? This series is impossible to find in the west. How do I download it?

fa9e64ac No.3390

If you want to download by torrent,the website require you to pay.

File: 1656969468002.png (338.6 KB, 640x480, 1633959927403.png)

c93f72c7 No.3385[Reply]

I heard Chinese internet users denigrate Westerners who go "based china & russia will defeat globohomo" as Bairen the same way typical North American & Western Euro sjw types are call Baizuo. Is this true?

Not looking for a political discussion, just want some clarification.

a64c2175 No.3387

Chinese must cringe as fuck when they see /pol/cels


a64c2175 No.3388

Just like Japanese seeing weaboos and Russians seeing slavaboos

File: 1656480764201.jpeg (176.99 KB, 1262x923, 12F5AEEA-72D3-4AF6-84FB-5….jpeg)

c6f5856e No.3377[Reply]

Need some advice chinabros.
I’m stuck between going with my girlfriend to a new city and focusing on my career. She wants to move to Los Angeles, and I want to go with her. But I’ve just gotten hired at a very reputable mechanic shop where I live. There I can learn a lot and make an actual career. The decision isn’t due for about two months, but I’m still very vary. Her and I haven’t really talked about it since she’s in Macau right now. Just so many possibilities racing thru my head. What to decide? What to decide? Finding a job where she’s going isn’t an issue, I’m alright at what I do. Maybe I can try to convince her to stay here, but its unlikely. She got accepted into a good collage there, and I don’t want to interrupt her studies. Sometimes you want the best for a person, but its so hard to comply with what they want. Maybe I’m a simp for thinking like this? Some people would say blah-blah sigma grindset(focus on your career) blah-blah. But I don’t believe that. She isn’t some throwaway hoe I picked up of the street. We have been dating since 6th grade. What do frens? What do?

c6f5856e No.3378

Sorry for being ranty. Its hard to write well with so many things in your head.


bcbfdc0b No.3379

Stand in front of mirror,
asking yourself once a day: 'Will I regret it?'

follow you heart


d4decff0 No.3381

>Los Angeles
It's a communist hell-hole full of niggers, crime, and daily shootings. You are a fool to even consider such a place. Girls come and go. Despite your feelings for her, she could dump you like a hot coal and probably will if she is even considering moving away from you. Focus on your career. Trust my words now, or lament them later.

Follow your head.

t. guy that followed girl to college and got dumped anyway

f83aa5e9 No.3373[Reply]

Looking for people to hang out with (dining, shopping, museum, hiking, or what so ever) in Greater LA Area (LA county and Orange County) and SD. BTW I'm trans (MtF).

Email me: bilishare at outlook.com

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